OKA Fruits Export operates in Valencia (Spain), which gives our fruits intensive colours and flavours, thanks to the Mediterranean climate and the magnificent land. We, unlike most of our competitors, hand-pick the fruits to supply our clients. OKA Fruits is a small company that started exporting in 2016. However, our fruit production dates back to the 1970s. Our fields have passed from generation to generation, and it was in 2016 when we decided to supply our fruits to the worldwide community.

From the fields to You

OKA Fruits Export is a family-owned business, whose members believe that everyone should have access to quality and affordable fruits. We are producers as well as fruit suppliers and we strive to deliver our fruits to our clients in the best possible quality by controlling the whole process of cultivation, storing, grading, packaging, and final delivering to our client. With clients in Asia and Europe, we pride ourselves on being one of the most reliable suppliers of fresh fruits with outstanding customer satisfaction.


Kaki Persimmon and oranges are two of our core fruits. These are two unique fruits grown in the Valencian region, widely demanded by plenty of importers around the world. Our aim is not just to supply fruits, but to forge long-term relationships with our clients, who we like to call friends.

Working towards perfection

Our membership with Ribercaqui S.A.T. 663CV

In 2018, OKA Fruits Export became part of Ribercaqui S.A.T. Why?


Ribercaqui S.A.T was born from the abuses of certain businesses and the need to support farmers to export their fruits.  Ribercaqui members look for more favourable contracting, group support with communication systems and legal advice and a concentration of product supply. 


In the future, new services will be incorporated as needs arise. Ribercaqui was not born to be the enemy of the businesses, but we offer and expect a reciprocal collaboration with serious traders and the eradication of those who are not.


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OKA Fruit Exports - Oranges



OKA Fruits Exports strives to supply supreme quality for its products at the best price. Therefore, we only partner with enterprises and individuals who put their customers at the heart of their operations.  


Despite their importance in the industry, many Spanish Farmers are underpaid for their produce. By cutting all the intermediaries as well as using the most efficient equipment for our crops, OKA Fruits Exports works hard to bring back fair prices for everyone. 




OKA Fruits Exports takes business and clients very seriously. We are passionate about farming as well as building strong and fruitful relationships. What is more important, we are committed to benefit our communities economically and socially.